We are a trusted partner.

Every year we coordinate the move of thousands of transferees and their families during one of the most significant life-events, relocation.

Prudential Relocation

  • A leading provider of global mobility, Prudential Relocation serves nearly 900 corporate clients, including Fortune 500 companies, small industrial and service companies and U.S. government agencies
  • Provided real estate related assistance for more than 56,000 transferees and their families last year
  • Delivers a broad range of domestic and international services, including:

- Consulting services, expense tracking and administration
- Home sale
- Household goods movement
- Home finding assistance

Prudential Referral Services

  • Provides access to the prospective buyer contacts of more than 43,000 real estate professionals in more than 700 real estate companies throughout North America
  • Serves the needs of relocating buyers in over 5,000 market areas
  • Gererates more than 100,000 referrals every year

Considering nearly 1/3 of residential real estate transactions involve relocation, Prudential Georgia Realty gives you a definite advantage over other companies. Ask about our Designated Relocation Specialist certification.